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Morphe Cosmetics Lawsuit: Potential Risks And Legal Ramifications

morphe cosmetics lawsuit

In recent legal developments, Morphe Cosmetics finds itself embroiled in a contentious legal battle over the safety of its eye makeup products.

The company faces a proposed class action lawsuit, alleging false advertising, unfair competition,

Negligence, and products liability concerning the manufacture and sale of makeup deemed “inherently dangerous.”

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the situation and its implications.

Background Of The Lawsuit

The lawsuit, filed in a California federal court, revolves around allegations that Morphe knowingly sold eye makeup products containing color additives and ingredients deemed unsafe for cosmetic use around the eyes.

Plaintiffs Crystal Damato, Amanda Montgomery, and Taylor Maxwell claim to have suffered physical injuries after using Morphe eyeshadow palettes,

Eyeliners, and Colorfix 24-hour Cream Color as directed by the brand.

Allegations Against Morphe

morphe cosmetics lawsuitmorphe cosmetics lawsuit
Allegations Against Morphe

The heart of the lawsuit lies in the plaintiffs’ assertion that Morphe failed to adequately warn consumers about the potential dangers associated with its products.

Despite regulatory restrictions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and California Health & Safety Code,

Morphe allegedly marketed its eye makeup as safe for use around the eyes, omitting crucial information about harmful ingredients.

The plaintiffs argue that Morphe’s marketing, packaging, and online communication failed to provide sufficient warnings regarding the known hazards of using the products near the eyes.

Even though disclaimers existed, they were deemed insufficiently prominent and failed to effectively communicate the risks to consumers navigating Morphe’s website or purchasing its products.

Potential Damages And Relief Sought

morphe cosmetics lawsuit
morphe cosmetics lawsuit

Damato, Montgomery, and Maxwell seek damages exceeding $5 million, along with injunctive relief and certification of their class action to include potentially thousands of affected consumers.

Their claims encompass breach of implied warranties, false advertising, unfair competition, negligence, strict products liability, and unjust enrichment.

Impact Of Bankruptcy Filing

morphe cosmetics lawsuit
morphe cosmetics lawsuit

Adding complexity to the legal landscape, Morphe’s parent company, Forma Brands, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2024.

This filing has placed the future of the potential class action lawsuit in uncertainty, as legal proceedings have been stayed and administratively closed.

In Summary

The Morphe Cosmetics lawsuit serves as a cautionary tale for both consumers and cosmetic companies.

With allegations of unsafe products and inadequate warnings, the case highlights the need for rigorous regulatory compliance and ethical marketing practices in the beauty industry.

As the legal process progresses, all eyes will be on the outcomes and potential ramifications for consumer protection and corporate accountability.


The Morphe Cosmetics lawsuit underscores the importance of transparency and consumer safety in the cosmetics industry.

As the legal saga unfolds, consumers and industry observers alike await further developments and clarification on the responsibilities of companies regarding product safety and disclosure.


What specific color additives are alleged to be present in Morphe’s eye makeup products?

The lawsuit alleges the presence of color additives such as FD&C Red No. 4, D&C Red No. 6, and D&C Violet No. 2, among others, which the FDA considers unsuitable for cosmetic use near the eyes.

How did Morphe attempt to circumvent federal regulations regarding its eye makeup products?

Morphe allegedly used euphemisms such as “artistry palette” or “pressed pigments” instead of explicitly labeling the products as eyeshadow. Plaintiffs argue that these terms misled consumers into using the products around the eyes despite containing harmful ingredients.

What damages are the plaintiffs seeking in the lawsuit against Morphe?

Damages exceeding $5 million are sought by the plaintiffs, along with injunctive relief and certification of their class action to include potentially thousands of affected consumers.

How did Morphe’s bankruptcy filing affect the class action lawsuit proceedings?

Morphe’s parent company, Forma Brands, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, leading to a stay in the proceedings and administrative closure of the case. The future of the lawsuit remains uncertain due to the bankruptcy filing.

What regulatory restrictions govern the use of color additives in cosmetics, according to the plaintiffs?

Both the FDA and California Health & Safety Code tightly regulate color additives for use in cosmetic products. Plaintiffs argue that Morphe violated these regulations by marketing products containing banned additives without adequate warnings.

Is Morphe Cosmetics still in business despite the lawsuit?

Yes, Morphe Cosmetics continues to operate amid the legal proceedings. While the lawsuit raises concerns about the safety of its products, Morphe remains active in the beauty industry.

How can consumers determine if their Morphe products are affected by the lawsuit?

Consumers can review their Morphe eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, and Colorfix 24-hour Cream Color products for the presence of specific color additives mentioned in the lawsuit, such as FD&C Red No. 4, D&C Red No. 6, and D&C Violet No. 2.

Are there any alternative brands recommended for consumers concerned about the safety of Morphe products?

While each consumer’s preferences may vary, individuals seeking alternative makeup brands may explore options that prioritize transparency, rigorous safety testing, and compliance with regulatory standards.

What steps can consumers take if they believe they have been affected by Morphe’s allegedly unsafe products?

Consumers experiencing adverse reactions or injuries from Morphe products may consider consulting healthcare professionals for medical advice and legal counsel to explore potential avenues for seeking compensation.

How can consumers stay informed about updates on the Morphe Cosmetics lawsuit and related developments?

Consumers interested in staying abreast of developments regarding the Morphe Cosmetics lawsuit can monitor reputable news sources, legal websites, and official statements from Morphe or relevant regulatory agencies for updates and announcements.

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